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Join as a Tour Operator

HST product platform is an upcoming HST-launching online travel market. This market offers a free and fairly competitive trading environment for end users and travel agents. Here travel agents can release their own travel products and services. Among all these products customers can choose whatever travel products suit themselves most according to their preference, product features and travel agents reputation. HST will serve as a neutral body, protecting both interests of end users and travel agents, establishing regulatory system and measures and maintaining the normal operation of HST product platform.

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Requirements for tour operators

HST travel product platform is attracting tour operators now. If you are:

  • Travel agents or institutes mainly providing inbound travel services;
  • Businesses wanting to online sell your travel routes and services to foreign travelers;
  • Able to provide honest, high quality travel services;
  • Willing to abide by rules and terms of HST product platform.

Then we sincerely welcome you to join HST product platform and become an excellent supplier of HST product platform.

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Why choose HST product platform?

  • Setting up a store on HST product platform one-year for free. You can sell travel routes here and use different functions freely.
  • One to one customer service and guidance. You will be worry-free about your online shop development and sales
  • Online management of orders reply, sales and order e-mail reminder. You can reply your customers timely and quickly, improving trip rates of orders and service quality.
  • Free online communication and learning. Communicating with others travel agents will improve your service and sales constantly.
  • Free product promotions opportunities.
  • Getting real feedbacks and comments from users. Their valuable information will improve your reputation, creditability and service quality.

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How much does joining-in cost?

For businesses entering in the first stage of HST product platform, HST will offer travel agents one-year period of use for free. In this year, travel agents will enjoy various services provided by HST for free and unlimitedly.

>> Please email to join us as a tour operator.


How to join HST product platform?

HST product platform is going to launch in the near future and is in the first phase of investment attraction. If you want to be one of HST online tour operators entering in the first stage, please email us . We will contact you for further detailed information after the approval of your application.